Butterfly Circus

At the height of the Great Depression, the showman of a renowned circus discovers a man without limbs being exploited at a carnival sideshow, but after an intriguing encounter with the showman he becomes driven to hope against everything he has ever believed.

The Best of Success

Success! A magical word indeed, but what exactly is it? A onetime thing, like hitting a home run, scoring a touch down or winning a game? Is it a destination? Or a journey? Is there a fixed, clearly marked place called "Success" Or does it Vary from individual to individual?

Attitude is Everything

Attitudes truly are contagious! Is yours worth catching? Take a 3 minute break to learn how to stay positive because our attitude not only impacts our own happiness but impacts the happiness and success of all the people around us…family, friends, and peers at work.

212 Service

Someone once said, "Life is like a game of tennis. The player who serves well seldom loses." The same can be said for any business on the planet. However, when we talk about creating a service culture, most people will focus on "customer service." But 212° Service defines a service Read more…

You Can Win

On the sometimes long road to achieving your goals and dreams, you will find challenges that put you to the test. The great news is that you’re not alone. There are several people – many who you already admire – who have shared their words of wisdom from their pursuit Read more…

You Are The Light

Here is a wonderful reminder for you today of what you already know, feel and desire to be, do and have in order to best contribute to this world … that the more you shine your Light, the more that everybody around you feels your warmth and responds in kind. Possibly one of the Read more…

Peace Today

This beautiful movie has been created by the musical artistry of Faith Rivera from her song Peace Today.  We teach people how to treat us. -TCIM It is imperative then, that we teach Peace.  To teach peace, we must be the compassionate, understanding, caring, courageous and kind living examples of what humanity Read more…